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I finished this piece during the tax season but never got around to posting. It's a Riolis kit that has been moderately modified all over the place. Mainly are some color changes in the dresses (Iris had yellow splotches in her blue panel) and lots of small changes like stitch placement and backstitching realignment.


I totally reworked both of these fairies' faces by removing their eyes and eyebrows (which in the original pattern were really plain straight lines that looked weird?) and replaced the original straight-line mouths with smiles. I kept returning to this problem over and over again... every time I gave them eyes it looked beyond creepy and their heads are so tall they really needed eyebrows and that looked even creepier so.... just smiles. Trust me, even though having no eyes is pretty weird they looked positively horrible with them.

Iris Flower Fairy

  • 5 x 7 inches

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