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This is the add-on item of buttons needed to finish Sailor Moon's Scout pattern. Each baggie will have enough to complete her (18 total beads) and will be mailed to you in a regular envelope.


These are for sale by me to help out those of you who simply don't have access, but pretty please with glitter on top if you can find gold star spacer beads nearby in like a local craft store please make *that* your first option. (Sizes really close to that will be absolutely fine, like if you can only find 6mm or 5.5mm like it's okay, don't freak out.) You need 18 of them and I found these packs of 50, so if you live nearby somebody and want to share I'm... not sure what the cost vs value you'd have to do since these are so cheap already, but yeah!


This does NOT apply to the 11.5 version where she's wearing her scout dress in another pose. It's only for the 11.1 where's she's facing us directly.

For Sailor Moon Scout - One Baggie of 5.8mm Gold Star Beads (One per customer)

  • Use coupon code "ShipFreeSmall" at check out.

  • If I cannot confirm with you that you have purchased Hannah's Sailor Moon Scout pattern I will cancel the order.

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