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With over a hundred hours of hard work, I'm happy to finally bring Alphonse Mucha's Seasonal Set (1896) to our stitching canvases. The Mucha Foundation was gracious enough to license me to use his artwork for patterns, and so now we can all benefit!

The stitches used are simple (full cross-stitch, half cross-stitch, partial stitches, and back stitch), the size of these pieces is large even on 18 count fabric - approximately 1 x 2 feet in size each. The backgrounds are done in half stitching to create a soft layer (and to also give your hands a break on pieces this big). The patterns have been laboriously created to capture the original paintings' detail so, yes, it will require a great deal of patience from you to finish. It's going to be incredible when you're done, truly a spotlight of your stitching prowess!

ALL colors are DMC cotton - there are no metallics, beads, or special requirements to finish this piece. That being said - you are entirely encouraged to add flourishes if you want to - make it your own, make it something you love!

Autumn, Seasons from Alphonse Mucha 1896

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