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Sign Up for the Reserve List for Hannah Alexander's Series 11: Sailor Moon

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

In case you haven't heard, Series 11 for Hannah Alexander's patterns is Sailor Moon!

This has been a long time coming. My original intention was to release one sailor a month for a whole year, but then there was the Mermaid one, and then there was her blue dress, and then Luna became non-exclusive, and... well, it has ballooned over time.

There are 14 total pieces of artwork for this series so to save myself internet bandwidth, sanity, and webhost server space, they are going to be released in smaller groups. They will all be filed under Series 11 when you go to the Hannah Alexander page to find them, but when getting on the email/reserve list it'll be segmented as 11.1, 11.2, and so on.

They will all be public patterns which means you do not need to be subscribed to Hannah's Patreon for any of them.

Release Order

11.1 Moon (White Dress)

11.1 Moon (Blue/Red Dress)

11.1 Mercury

11.2 Venus

11.2 Mars

11.2 Jupiter

11.3 Luna

11.3 Chibiusa

11.3 Saturn

11.4 Uranus

11.4 Neptune

11.4 Pluto

11.5 Moon (Blue/Red Dress) on Moon

11.5 Moon (Mermaid)

They will all maintain the current Hannah Alexander pattern ratio, where each should be around 2 feet tall on 18 count fabric. Some of the scouts are much taller than others and the Mermaid is going to be quite short compared to everything else. Of course there will be beads and Kreinik involved anywhere I can add them.

There will be no oval decorations this time as there are no ovals - instead I will be doing their symbols in half stitch for the background. As with ovals not stitching them will not detract from your final piece - it is entirely your option.

As a final disclaimer I never watched Sailor Moon and don't know the characters beyond a basic surface level knowledge. I'm really sorry that I can't geek out over these with you as I have with most of my patterns. That said - I fully intend to give these ladies the same amount of glitz and glam as I would anyone else. The designs are beautiful and I cannot wait to see them glittering in full stitchy glory.

This will become a logistical nightmare with 14 patterns and people who want all of them vs people who just want a couple vs people who want all but one... so... be patient with me! :D Make sure you REALLY know which ones you want before you drop me your email reservation via the contact form at the bottom of the homepage. (It would help me immensely if you could list them by their series number.)

PLEASE be aware that these patterns will come out slowly. I am just one person. My desire is to have them all done this year (2022) but don't be surprised if it spills over into the next.

If this is your first time signing up for my reserve list then be aware that there's no money needed up front. :) I'll just email you with a personalized listing so that you can pick your pattern up and go without waiting for me to update the main listing.

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