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Personal Project List as of October 2021

I'm always talking about my to-do list but it's been years and years since I posted it. I used to keep a running list on my DeviantArt journals and updated it constantly. I went to the last page on my journal history and found it! You can look at this ancient bit of Pinky history by [clicking here]. 2008... what a different world, what a different life.

This may look like a case of "listing all the patterns I own" as many hoarding stitchers sympathize with. Most of these projects are intended to be gifts in some form or another with just a handful for myself. All but a small few are 'secret' gifts though, so if I never get to them there's no feeling of loss. I hope if nothing else this list allows you to reach even more wonderful patterns to stitch between working on mine!

  • Hannah Alexander's Ariel to be given as a gift to her

  • Bella Filipina's Bellatrix, but in pink and also there's wings and a dragon 'cause I'm turning her into Aerie

  • Princess Aerie the Fairy

    • She's done by an unknown artist from back when I was on Gaia Online. I ordered and paid for the art with the game currency back then, Gaia Gold. This artist was known as "Siran Lucine". There is a DeviantArt profile for this name but it hasn't been active since 2010 so I just don't know for sure.

    • Once she's stitched the pattern will be available for everyone.

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