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Hannah Alexander's Set 9 Now Available

Hannah Alexander's Winter Belle, Jack, and Sally are now available as cross-stitch patterns! You can pick them up [here].

Their oval decorations are in the works and the portrait frames can be picked up [here].

I created a Christmas Jack as a surprise bonus for everyone. :) I was lamenting to my cousin about how much I didn't want to stitch the ocean of gray and she suggested I stitch an ocean of red instead. I softened his expression, changed various color placement, and recruited my cohort Sometimeskosm to create a gift box for him to hold.

Luddeagle will likely be creating the oval decorations for all three of them. I'm going to do some experimenting myself and see if I can't come up with some ovals without bothering him. :)

If you join the Facebook group I've provided a free placement suggestion for Jack and Sally to be stitched on one piece of fabric. You can find it in the Files section.

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