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Hannah Alexander's Series 11.3 Now Available

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Hannah Alexander's Black Lady, Luna as a Human, and Sailor Saturn are now available as cross-stitch patterns! You can pick them up [here]. The portrait frames can be picked up [here].

Don't forget Saturn's specialty supplies!

I've also sourced special confetti that, while it won't be missed if you don't use it, will add an extra "pop" to your final piece. Not all of the patterns will use this confetti, and by the end not all the confetti might end up used, but I think it's a fun addition all the same.

I learned a while ago that "Chibiusa" in this context is actually "Black Lady" but she's sooooo pink. I think she uses basically almost every pink skein in the box to achieve her dress, hair, and arm shawl thingy gradients. I'm pretty sure she's using the least amount of Kreinik in any Hannah pattern I've worked on since the very beginning when I was trying to keep DMC metallics in the loop - there's just a few stitches on her ear and in a flower.

Luna uses a specialty thread - Rainbow Gallery's Petite Very Velvet. Hannah's design notes mention the stripes along her hem should be velvet to allude to her cat-ness, so it felt perfect! I wanted to incorporate it into her ribbons but decided ultimately the thread was too puffy for the result I wanted. I've also labeled her "Sailor Luna" even though I've been informed this is technically incorrect... I just really don't wanna put Luna (Human) as the title, hahah.

Saturn has six - possibly seven - choices for the burst on her belt, three for her hair gems, and five for her hem squares with further alternates for attachment styles. Sourcing the supplies was pretty difficult which is mostly the reason for all the choices, with varying degrees of expense. I'm hoping by offering such a selection it'll balance out between those who want to spend extra on all the sparklies while still allowing everyone to enjoy the pattern fully.

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