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Alphonse Mucha's 1899 Primrose and Feather Update

Alphonse Mucha's Primrose and Feather duo are coming to the cross-stitching world! I announced them back in April and had every intent to work on them right away. But, you know, covid! I work in a tax office during tax season which usually ends on April 15th. For 2020 they extended Tax Day to July 15th and my plans got wonky.

On 18 Count Fabric they should be 8 x 20 inches, or 145 x 362 stitches each.

I've now gained approval from the Mucha Foundation to include some specialty accents for them! Feather is specifically the one in question, as she has a lot more going on.

1: There's a sun charm on her belt that's going to get an actual sun charm instead of the mishmashed threads that were coming from trying to backstitch around it.

2: There will be real chain accents for both her headdress and belt, in two different sizes.

3: A total of seven pearl beads with golden bead caps will be a finishing touch for the dangling charms from both her headdress and belt.

The orders for these supplies have been put in, the materials I've chosen have been approved by the Foundation, and now I await them to arrive in the States. I'll be sorting out all of these materials into nice supply bags. If my math holds it should only cost between $4 and $5 for all of the specialty supplies per customer. (This does not include things like Kreinik thread or Mill Hill beads, only these elements I've had to source and ration.) I've ordered enough supplies to support 100 copies of the pattern. The pattern will not be limited edition and will include the bead sizes and recommendations in case you want to source materials yourself or in the future when I am out of supply bags.

In my earlier Facebook post comments this week I said that I would create a version without the beads to have an alternate where they could be stitched flat. I may still follow through with this but I will be unable to sell the Chain separate from the Beads. The cost difference is just too small a margin - you'll have to buy the entire supply pack, whether you choose to use the beads or stitch them flat.

For Primrose it's likely all she'll be seeing is regular Mill Hill bead accents on her headdress.

The most important change this makes to this project is the time it can be finished. I will still continue through this month finishing the patterns but I will be unable to sell the pattern until the bead supplies arrive and I can create the needed tutorials for the PDF. Shipment is not estimated to arrive until the end of January.

If you would like to be contacted when these two patterns are available please fill out the contact form on the front page! They will be $20 each - I am not accepting any money up front.

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